Gravel scores

Soil improvement technique

Soiltech offers a wide range of soil improvement techniques. Next to vibroflotation and DCM (Deep Cement Mixing), Soiltech also installs (cemented) gravel cores.

The latter technique improves the soil by making a grid of gravel columns. The gravel core diameter depends on the type of soil. Following the continuous vibrations and downward pressure, the soil around the steel entry tube is displaced radially. After having reached the aimed at depth, the gravel, cemented with grout or not, is fed into the entry tube and displaced laterally in the soil, which is compacted by the up- and downward motions of the entry tube. The gravel column is built up to the aimed at height.

Thanks to its multifunctional equipment, which can be used for the soil mixing technique and the installation of secant piles and gravel cores, Soiltech can simultaneously mobilise several machines. In this way, large-scale projects can be executed within a short period of time.