Almost 100 years ago, in 1922, Jérôme Soetaert founded his one-man business. During the first two decades, coastal and river bank protection works were the company’s core business.

In 1948, the one-man business turned into a public limited company: Algemene Ondernemingen Soetaert (AOS), headed by the three sons of Jérôme: Julien, Edmond and Hilaire.

AOS: a family business, worthy of the name, as in the mid-1970s the sons of the above-mentioned threesome took over the business.  Since that time, Eduard, Jérôme and Noël Soetaert set the course of the company.  Under their leadership, the sheet piling works and sheet piling techniques were further developed.  This specialisation immediately paid off: AOS built itself a solid reputation as a sheet piling company, both in Flanders, Wallonia, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and France.

From that moment on, Soetaert was both a highly qualified hydraulic engineering and sheet piling company, with an excellent reputation and comprehensive expertise.

In 2003, Peter Caset took over the company. In the following years, he realized a sixfold increase of the turnover and expanded the workforce to 120 employees.



In our continuous search for innovation, we added in 2006 special foundation techniques (e.g. soil mixing) to our portfolio of activities.  These were integrated, together with the sheet piling works, in the SOILTECH, Soil & Piping Contractors, division. 

Whatever we do, everything is always done by skilled professionals and according to the general safety instructions of the VCA**-system.  So, it should be no surprise that at the end of 2006 we acquired the ISO 9001 (quality) certificate.

In 2012, we celebrated our 90th anniversary with a symposium "Mixing is the future" ... as if we had a crystal ball: since 2015, Soetaert is part of dredging, offshore and construction company Jan De Nul Group.