Pioneer in the Benelux!

Recently, Soiltech have added a new anchoring technique to their range: the Müller Verpress Piles, or MV-piles. These piles can absorb high tensile strength. They are steels sections driven into ground at an angle. During pile driving, grout (cement mixed with water) is injected at the tip through two pipes.

Because Soiltech are specialists in both pile driving and grout injection works, it was a small step to develop the technique to install these MV-piles. The innovative part of the technique is the use of a free-hanging pile driver. It is the first time this is used for the implementation of MV-piles in the Benelux.

This procedure offers the major advantage of enabling driving at all possible angles, as well as an almost unlimited positioning of the cable crane with respect to the future quay wall. This is certainly a pro for implementation!

Due to the use of heavy lifting cranes from the plant yard of parent company Jan De Nul Group, this technique was started up in record time.

MV piles1.35 MB