Secant piles

Vibration-free and solid

For some years now, the execution of secant pile walls (which can be both water-retaining and supporting) is also part of Soiltech’s broad range of services. We recently invested in three additional deep foundation machines with telescopic leader mast to strengthen our position within this market.

Secant piles are bored piles that are driven into the soil with a casing or entry tube and intersect one another. This metal tube is drilled into the soil in a vibration-free manner together with an internal auger so that the soil is driven out of the tube. Subsequently, concrete is pumped across the hollow shaft of the auger to the tip of the pile while the entry tube is being led upwards. As in this way the soil around the bore hole cannot be displaced, settlements are avoided so that works next to existing foundations are possible. Once the concrete has been cast, reinforcement can be placed if needed. 

By using multifunctional deep foundation machines (which can also be used for several soil mixing applications and for the installation of gravel cores and bored piles), Soiltech can simultaneously deploy several machines for executing deep foundations. That is exactly why Soiltech is your partner of choice for executing large-scale projects in a short period of time, without vibrations or settlements, even in the most difficult circumstances. 

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