Bored Kelly piles

You can built on that!

In early 2016, we bought extra equipment for installing bored piles with a large diameter. Using the so-called Kelly technique, piles with a diameter up to 1800 mm can be installed up to 40 metres deep, both in soft soils and across hard rock layers.

Bored piles are extremely suited for transferring high concentrated foundation loads to the subsoil. The excavation of the piles is done using a large drill driven by a heavy drill motor. The stability of the bore hole is upheld by placing steel casings, which are driven into the soil using the telescopic Kelly bar.  When casting concrete around the pile, the steel casings are recovered.

Next to projects in Belgium, the Netherlands and France, Soiltech also successfully executed the pile foundations for a new quay wall in Panama. The piles of this quay wall, partly enclosed in a permanent steel casing, were drilled into basalt rock. In other words, Soiltech isn’t afraid of taking on complex international contracts.